• Beauty Sleep..Is that a thing?

    How important is a good night's sleep for your skin? Turns out, pretty important! We all know that sleep plays a big part in health and fitness. Athletes are known to have a minimum of 9 hours sleep in order to perform well the next day and the same goes for our skin. Studies show that lack of sl... View Post
  • Tips to keep your hair as healthy as your skin

    So those of you who follow me and my page know that my husband recently surprised me with a weekend in Rome for my birthday. Rome is such a beautiful and romantic place, I loved every bit of it..all except the part when we arrived at our airbnb and realised that I completely forgot to bring my co... View Post
  • Your first time? Here's what to expect

    Are you a new member to the Zoe Bee Beauty family? If so, welcome and I can't wait to hear your story. As the Zoe Bee brand continues to grow, I'm meeting so many wonderful people who are longing to rekindle their love affair with their skin. It's still mind blowing to hear that my creams are ach... View Post
  • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    Our lips are more sensitive than you think! Our lips are extremely susceptible to drying out, as they are always exposed to the elements. During the summer and winter as the weather is changing, our lips tend to peel and crack. This is why we turn to lip balm. By now you’ve probably heard that li... View Post
  • My healthy holiday skin and hair essentials

    So, I'm back In not so sunny England!I just wanted to say thanks to all of my lovely customers for being patient and allowing me to focus on my holiday and honeymoon with my family. Now that I'm back I'm excited to catch up with all the orders and enquiries (I can tell you guys have missed me a l... View Post
  • My top tips to recover from flu quickly

    I developed flu a few days ago. I know, I know it's not exactly flu season but with two small children and a business to run, it's constantly flu season for me! Needless to say, you lovely lot keep me very busy every day with orders and experimenting on new products so getting ill is not somethin... View Post

Zoe's Skin Care Regime!

My skincare regime is my bible right now! Let me take you through my routine which helps me achieve 100% #skinconfidence and share my favourite products with you.

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