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Zoe Bee FAQ

Zoe Bee FAQ

Common Zoe Bee Questions 💛


💛 How long does it take for the cream to work? 
Results vary, as each individual's skin is unique. While some may see benefits quickly, it typically takes around 4 to 6 weeks of consistent use to observe noticeable improvements, aligning with the skin's natural 28-day renewal cycle. 

💛 Why am I breaking out?
Breakouts can occur as your skin adapts to a new product, a process known as purging. This might signify that the ingredients are working, prompting skin renewal and toxin release. However, not all breakouts are purging; they could also be a reaction. If the condition persists beyond 6-8 weeks, contact us for support.  To help with the healing process, consider incorporating a weekly clay mask to aid detoxification. 


💛 What is the shelf life on all the products?

Zoe Bee Creams are preservative free. To keep creams at their best, we recommend storing them at room temperature. Once opened use within 12 months. Unopened the best before is 30 months. We recommend using our products within six months of arrival to ensure you experience the maximum potency and benefits. Our creams are crafted in small, fresh batches in our lab - akin to a culinary delicacy made just for your skin. Although our products often maintain their integrity well beyond six months under optimal conditions, treat them as you would a gourmet, perishable treat—best enjoyed frequently and promptly once opened, to take full advantage of their nutrient-rich and skin-nourishing properties. Store on a cool dark place for best results. 

💛 What is the best way to apply the cream? 

Zoe Bee Cream is highly concentrated, ensuring prolonged use from just a small quantity – a pea-sized amount is sufficient. For optimal application, warm the cream between your hands before applying it to damp skin, which helps to seal in moisture. Start from your neck and move upward for even coverage. 


💛 My Cream is grainy, is it faulty?

No don’t worry, your cream isn't faulty. The graininess is a natural characteristic of shea butter, influenced by temperature variations during different seasons in Ghana where it's sourced. Zoe Bee doesn’t melt down the creams, as heat can destroy the nutrients. The creams are kept raw and pure. This texture doesn't affect the cream's nutrient-rich properties. When applied, simply warm the cream in your hands and the grains will dissolve as you massage it into damp skin.


💛 How do I use the Zoe Bee Scrub?

The Zoe Bee Scrub offers a transformative skincare experience that's both indulgent and effective. To use, gently massage a small amount onto damp skin for 2-3 minutes. Optionally, for enhanced benefits, leave it on as a mask before rinsing. The caffeine infusion revitalizes tired skin, leaving it silky smooth. Some find the application process to be a little messy, but the results are truly worth it. Top tip: apply the scrub using the spoon, as if water gets into the scrub it will dry out. Apply in the bath, and any spillage makes your bath water heavenly”

💛 Are your products safe to use on children?

Zoe Bee creams are gentle enough to use even on new-born babies. The Charcoal and Oat cream is perfect 

💛 My cream smells smoky?

Shea butter-based creams can sometimes exhibit a smoky scent due to the traditional extraction process of the shea butter, especially when it is sourced from West Africa. During this process, the shea nuts are often roasted over an open fire to facilitate grinding into a paste, which can impart a smoky aroma to the butter. This roasting step is crucial not only for texture but also for enhancing the butter's natural compounds. The smoky scent is a hallmark of authenticity and does not negatively affect the butter's nourishing qualities for the skin.

💛 Why are your products always sold out? 

Our products are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by Zoe Bee herself, ensuring the highest quality with every batch. Zoe's commitment to her craft means limiting production to what she can sustainably manage, preserving both her well-being and the exceptional standard of her work. As a testament to her passion, she chooses not to dilute the authenticity of her products by outsourcing. Consequently, the products are released in exclusive, limited quantities twice a week, often selling out quickly due to high demand.


💛 Are the essential oils you use safe? 
Essential oils can be potent allies for skin health when used responsibly. Like any potent substance, they must be used in the correct proportions to be both safe and efficacious. In our formulations, we apply an exacting approach to the use of essential oils, carefully balancing each blend for optimal safety and effectiveness. We're acutely aware of the problems posed by diluted or adulterated oils which can sometimes lead to compatibility issues. Quite often, negative reactions can be traced back to these impurities. That's why we go to great lengths to source only the purest, highest-quality ingredients. The essential oils in our products are rigorously vetted to ensure they are authentic and skin-compatible. The commitment to sourcing these exceptional ingredients forms the cornerstone of our brand and is a source of immense pride in our work. We never compromise on quality, even in the face of scarcity or cost.


💛 How long until I see results? 
We recommend adhering to our skincare collection for a minimum of 90 days. Skincare is a journey involving gradual changes and a holistic approach, not instant transformations. It's natural for the skin to prefer routine, and sudden switches between products—whether within conventional brands or from conventional to natural—can be disruptive. Finding the right balance and the products that suit your unique needs may require time and experimentation. Many new to natural skincare expect immediate results, but just as conventional products require selective trial and error, so too does natural skincare. It's unlikely that the first natural product you try will be perfect. This process is similar to how we've all discovered our current favourite products over time. Patience and the willingness to try different options are key. If a product doesn't meet your expectations, it doesn't mean an entire range is ineffective. Like finding a partner or favourite food, discovering compatible skincare takes time. Remember, you are not alone in this process. Our team is here to support and guide you towards the products that best align with your skin's needs and your personal preferences. Please reach out at any time for assistance.

💛 Are your products certified organic? 

At Zoe Bee, our utmost priority is sourcing superior natural ingredients, ensuring they retain their freshness and potency through to the final product. However, not all ingredients can be labeled 'Certified Organic,' including certain clays. Occasionally, we access resources of even higher quality than those labeled 'organic,' like some of our wild-harvested ingredients.

In some instances, we opt to support smaller farms or suppliers that practice ethical and environmentally conscious cultivation—free from pesticides and fertilizers—but may lack the certification due to cost or other barriers. Although these ingredients are organically grown, they lack the official 'Certified Organic' label.

Our pledge is to deliver the very best products, transcending the confines of organic certification.

💛 Can I send back my jar for recycling?

Our commitment to quality and packaging is paramount, which makes implementing a refill system challenging. Legal obligations around skincare demand extensive testing and labeling, ensuring product stability and safety in their final containers. 

While we admire brands for their refillable cosmetics, creating equally pristine, earth-friendly, and functional refills for our complex formulas has been difficult. Refill packets that align with our values of being sturdy, non-leaching, plastic-free, and aesthetically pleasing—the standards we uphold for product protection—are hard to come by.

Thus, while we're passionate about sustainability, our main focus remains on maintaining the high quality of our products within their meticulously chosen packaging.

💛 Why are your restocks often at midnight? 

We're aware that our restock times can be a concern, and we appreciate your feedback. Our decision to restock at midnight is strategic and based on customer input. We've noticed that daytime restocks lead to faster sell-outs, which can be disappointing for our clients. By restocking at midnight, we've seen a more gradual pace of sales, allowing for a fairer opportunity for customers to make their purchases.

NHS customers, who often work night shifts, have expressed their preferences for midnight restocks, which aligns with our goal to accommodate various schedules. Additionally, while it's true that some of our highly coveted items have sold out quickly, most products typically remain available for approximately 7 hours, ensuring a wider window for purchase.

We want to cater to all our customers, and that's why we occasionally offer daytime restocks. To stay informed about these restocks and plan your purchase, we encourage you to sign up for our email notifications. This way, you won't miss out on the products you love, regardless of the time we restock. We're constantly evaluating and adapting our approach, aiming to improve your shopping experience with us. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.




Zoe Bee FAQ

Zoe Bee FAQ

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