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Dark circles and dry eyes? You need this cream!

Eyes have drastically improved since I started using this cream. Worth every penny.

Charcoal & Oat Cream
Karen Lavender
Fabulous charcoal and oat cream

Absolutely love this cream. I suffer with eczema round my eyes and this is the best cream for it. I bought this last pot for my husband who suffers from psoriasis and he is moaning that I keep dipping in to it. I need to buy one just for me to stop him moaning 🌞

Super moisturising

This cream is so moisturising, you only need a small amount but my face stayed moisturized for ages. It makes my face feel really soft and smooth.
Definitely recommend this cream!

Gold Cream
Gold cream

I've tried a few of the creams and this could possibly become my favourite. Love the texture, smell and feel on my skin. The gold sparkle adds a beautiful glow.
Please never stop making this cream!

Avocado & Aloe Cream
Nadda Badawi
Avocado + aloe cream

This cream is absolutely gorgeous to use, so thick + creamy + melts lovely on the skin, less is definitely more + the glow it gives my dry skin is amazing after only 2 weeks of usage, I get compliments about how my skin glows + I get asked what I'm using 😀 so thank you for the page popping up on my Facebook + I aim to try the charcoal + oat cream also so that I can let my 7 yr old use it! 🥰

Green Cream
Alanna Cardiss
Great for anxiety

Love this cream as a night cream really helps me sleep and improves my anxiety. My complexion has improved a bit since using it for the past few weeks, going to try the charcoal and oat cream next and the coffee scrub.

Soooo luxurious

I’ve tried 4 of the creams now and by far this one is the best for me! Especially at this time of the year as my skin gets so dry and sensitive. This just fills my skin with moisture! Need to order a new one soon! x

Green Cream
Jessie Chambers

I started using the Green Cream and Coffee & Clay scrub about 3 months ago. The difference is amazing! I use to have bump skin and awful Spots, but using these two together I now have much smoother skin and really don’t get as many spots. Persistence is key, I have been religious with using both, but also I have been upping my water intake, diet is a big part of it too and generally looking after my skin more!

I highly recommend Zoe Bee 🐝

Couldn’t be happier with the results, thank you 🤍

Love it

My lips love this so much I can almost hear then go "ohh.." its really hydrating and moisturizing at the same time it's give a lovely shine to them too thank you Zoe and her team

Lovely creams.

Beware, a little goes a long way, and don’t be alarm by the “greasiness” of the cream, it is the shea butter and my oily combination just drinks it. No breakouts and glowing skin ! A keeper. And amazing customer service ! Thank you.

Lovely lip balm

This was like a soufflé rather than a balm and has a different flavour. It is rich and soothing and has beautiful golden sparkles in. Another wonderful product 👍🏻

The Beetox Box
The Amazing Coffee scrub!

my son and I both use the coffee scrub twice a week and both have found it to help our skin.
We use it for different skin problems so it just shows how universal this scrub can be.
I also use it once a week as a face mask, The Best face mask you will ever use!
Couldn't recommend this scrub enough!
One of the parts about buying a Zoe bee product is the advice you get from her team.

Coffee & Clay Scrub
Hannah Dunn
Godsend (zoesend)

The Coffee & clay scrub is beautifully made, I love its consistency as it melts into your skin when you apply in circular motions, it smells devine and I love how the jar is jam packed full in every way, as some brands are half a jar...

This has really helped clear up the spots on my chest aswell as my face. I am getting there with zoe bee products and this is a must in my weekly routine. I love love love it. Thankyou zoe bee!!!


Just like all the Zoe Bee creams, a little goes a long way. I love the smell of this cream and the thickness means my eyes feel hydrated all day. The look of my skin around my eyes now look so much smoother and even after several hours, I don't have the dry looking, wrinkly skin below the eyes. This cream is amazing and by far the best eye cream I've used


It took a few tries to get the quantity right without looking super shiny for hours, which turned out to be a very small amount, but I do love this cream. My face feels softer and looks smoother and glowing


This lip butter not only keeps my lips hydrated for hours, it feels lovely and tastes delicious

The Beetox Box
Lovely kit

I was so excited for this to come out and wasn’t disappointed. The attention to detail is second to none. Such an amazing idea.

The Beetox Box
Culyer, Karen
Beetox box

I have bought this as a gift, I have had a sneaky peek and I’m very happy with my purchase

The Beetox Box
Lucy McCarthy
Beetox botox in a box

Thus box was beautifully presented, loved opening it, attention to detail was spot on! I have only used it once so far as once a week is recommend. The mask certainly made my skin feel tight once dried i then applied walnut & coffee cream after making my skin feel fresh and soft, I'll definitely keep this up. Self love is important 💛💛

Eyelash Serum
Sara Wright
Eyelash Serum & Packaging!

I am so pleased with this Eyelash Serum, it's satisfying to know it's full of goodies to help nourish your eyelashes and eyebrows. I put it on before going to bed so it can work overnight. I had to mention how lovely Zoe Bee's packaging is now! It not only looks great but feels really nice to hold and I so love her ethics to be a Planet Friendly Company and would like to say Thank You planting a Tree with my purchase ❤xx

Avocado & Aloe 'Dream' Cream!

I use the Avocado & Aloe cream every evening and it's such a treat to put on, it really feels super luxuriant and the smell is heavenly...if only there was a dessert that smelt this good!!

Veggie Soufflé Cream
Susan Clements

Beautiful magical cream , so soothing for my little nephew.

Green Cream
Best cream I’ve ever used!!!

Having struggled with acne, spending lots of time in doctors appointments and forking out lots of money on a dermatologist, this is the only thing that has worked for me! My acne cleared up in a couple of months and hasn’t returned since- scarring is gradually going down as well. Don’t usually splash out on face creams as I’ve lost so much money but have bought this twice and will continue to buy. Love that it’s a small business and natural ingredients, can’t recommend it enough.

Gold Cream

Works so lovely as a primer before putting makeup on, leaves your skin feeling so soft and glowing.

The Beetox Box
Liv Green
Lovely beetox box

Absolutely in love with this little self care box.
Everything you need to just go into a little world of your own without all the other stresses of life for a moment. Zoe and the team have really made every little detail of the box perfect from the ribbons to the scroll. In love with it❤️



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