• The Green Cream

The Green Cream

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This Cream helps to:

  • Heal scarring
  • Soften dry skin
  • Enrich skin with healthy nutrients
  • fight acne and more severe forms of psoriasis 

How it works:

This miracle cream has made waves all over the world with it's super healing effects. We have all heard about the controversial, yet undeniable results from using C-B-D. The tricky part has always been how best to use it to achieve the best results. Years of research in the Zoe Bee lab means you no longer have to figure that part out yourself anymore. 

Using a selection of carefully selected ingredients and our unique processes, we've been able to create a moisturiser which can help with scarring, burn marks and skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

Many of our before and after review photos come from using this cream. check them out and see for yourself. 

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