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If you’re a New-Bee

You never forget your first time. And the first time you use Zoe Bee will change how you experience skincare forever.

Nature is richer.

The first thing you notice is the richer, thicker, more textured and sumptuous consistency of the creams. It’s perfectly normal when you first open a jar to be concerned it feels too thick. But trust us, it’s a good thing.

High street creams are heavily watered down. We’ve become conditioned to believe skincare creams should be thin and smooth to the touch – so we use more. Nature is rich and textured. And that’s why it feels so indulgent to massage the cream into your skin.

Just a touch is all you need. 

The smallest amount goes a long way. A lot further than creams you may be used to. This means that while our creams come in cute little jars, they last longer than you think. And we’re sure you’ll never go back.

No two jars are the same. 

Every batch is hand-crafted by Zoe in her lab from natural ingredients. Because we don’t alter anything to keep the natural properties intact, the colour, texture and scent may vary but you still get all the goodness your skin needs.



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