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Why do we have a restock system?

Why do we have a restock system?

I thought I’d share this question as it’s something I’m often asked and understandably it’s something people often wonder. As it’s only one person making the creams, I can only manage so much. If it reaches a certain amount of orders I can easily feel burnt out. Along with making creams there are many other aspects to the business that take up my time. I also need to find time to be with my family. My main focus isn’t getting as many sales as possible. I could leave the store open 24/7 and hire people to make the creams but that isn’t my goal. I work as and when I can, to a timeframe that fits with my busy lifestyle. If it was a marketing ploy, I’d benefit much more by taking sales all the time. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t want to be the biggest skincare brand in the world, I don’t want to be anyone’s competition, and I don’t want to be in any shops. It’s my hobby. What inspires me is helping people, giving back, and making a difference in little ways I can. It may come across as having low aspirations, but in all honesty I’m just having the best time but also protecting my own well-being and health 💛
Why do we have a restock system?

Why do we have a restock system?

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You are absolutely a gem.
You are awesomely blessed and loved because your magic hands have and are still healing many from those positive feedbacks.

Lydia xx


you are an amazing human being. and i feel i want to give you a hug and tell you how amazing you are.


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