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Zoe Bee Pure Jojoba Oil

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The journey to skin confidence begins with forming better skincare habits. As an integral component of the Beetox Box, this pure Jojoba oil plays a huge part in hydrating the skin, preparing it for all the skin loving goodness of a Zoe Bee moisturiser. This oil is the most similar to your skins natural oils allowing it to lock in the moisture lost on dry skin. 

Used twice a day, this 30ml bottle should last approximately 3 months

Customer Reviews

Based on 218 reviews

Love love love this stuff! I'll admit, there was a learning curve but my skin is sooo much happier with using this compared to regular face wash. I do still have to use a mischeller water to completely remove my makeup after 2 oil cleanses but my face has never felt so soft and it's even softened some of my fine lines


Having bought myself one, I bought thief it my tonnage daughter to cleanse with. She has spots and this seems to help keep them as bay… despite being an oil!


It’s made a real difference to my skin. Cleansing with this oil means cream now glides on.

Rosie xoxo
Beautiful jojoba oil

I was so sceptical to start double cleansing with the jojoba oil as i thought it would increase my spots. I have combination skin and it actually has balanced my skin! Im not as dry or oily now and i currently have no spots on my face (its time of the month and normally i get quiet spotty) im absolutely amazed! I love adding a small amount under my creams at night too, this gives me more moisture. So so happy with this product! Thank you ❤️
Picture attached of where I typically get spots.

Loveliness ☀️

I purchased this after trialling some of the creams. I found Zoe’s guide to skin care really helpful and have never considered using an oil to take off my make up. It feels really kind on my skin and my skin adjusted well. Good value for the size too. I also purchased the recommended toner which has made for a lovely face care routine. Thanks Zoe and team… really supportive and helpful small business! 🙌🏻✨

Louise Whiting

I’m really enjoying using this oil. I use it as part of my nighttime skincare routine & it really helps to hydrate my skin.
I’ve also used it in my daughter’s hair. She suffered from dry scalp, having very curly hair means she can withstand oil as it’s much dryer. I use it more as a treatment in this case & it worked wonders. A little drop goes a very long way!

Sylvie Powley
Loving Zoe Bee products

I started with gold cream and now use the cleansing oil, scrub and two different creams, morning and night
They are all amazing, my skin feels great
Won’t be going back to shop bought products
Only thing that puts me off is the midnight ordering. Praying that might change

Emma Lockett
Jojoba oil.

I tried a different jojoba a while back and wasn't really impressed, so thought I'd give the Zoebee one a go. I can definitely feel the difference in quality. The golden colour and slightly thicker consistency is lovely to massage into my skin. I cleanse with it twice a day and my skin feels really comfortable and not at all tight after.

Imogen Wainwright
Jojoba Oil

This product is really helping with my acne, I have only been using it a few weeks but I will definitely be ordering again!


This is my most fav leaves my face so smooth and so easy to remove make up