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My top tips to recover from flu quickly

My top tips to recover from flu quickly

I developed flu a few days ago. I know, I know it's not exactly flu season but with two small children and a business to run, it's constantly flu season for me! Needless to say, you lovely lot keep me very busy every day with orders and experimenting on new products so getting ill is not something I have time for.

Whenever I'm ill, my psoriasis tends to break out, I get dry chapped lips, my nose gets sore and my scalp gets flaky. Naturally, this has to happen 2 weeks before I go away for the second half of my wedding in Jamaica (I know I'm very lucky/spoilt!). Thankfully, two days in, I have managed to keep it all under control.

First things first, wellness.

It's important to work on the inside to get best results. My creams do wonders from the outside in but imagine what would happen if you worked on healing your body from the inside out too??

I've been eating extra healthy (lots of greens and fruits, home made smoothies and soups etc.) but most importantly I've been drinking Golden Milk. This is an incredible healing drink originating from India. The Main ingredient Turmeric is well known for it's healing properties around the world already and when you add other healing elements like cinnamon, ginger and saffron you know you've got a winner. Thankfully it's pretty tasty too!

I love this drink because it's my alternative to shop bought remedies full of chemicals. Those of you who know me, know that If I can help it I'll try to put anything in my body with ingredients I don't recognise. I'm already feeling so much better just a couple of days in so I thought I'd share the recipe with you and anyone else who could do with a health boost to fight off the flu.
Recipe below:

Golden Milk

1 x tsp cinnamon,
pinch of black pepper
pinch of nutmeg
Pinch of ginger
2 x teaspoons of turmeric
2 x strands of saffron.

get all the spices together on the hob and once they are aromatic, add 2 cups of oat milk and slowly bring to the boil. You can add a Sweetener of choice like Agave nectar or Honey. The kids both had a cup of it too and loved it. Really soothing when you feel horrible. It's just what I needed to get back on the mend. ❤️

Coffee Scrub

To clear my airways I've been having lots of hot, steamy baths. (the fact that I LOVE a nice hot relaxing bath is just a bonus!) I use the coffee and clay scrub on my face and body. It makes the bath water lovely too. The oils, clay and coffee help soothe my skin and attack the psoriasis on my face, clearing away any stubborn dead skin, ready for my night cream to work it's magic.

Lip Balms

Although spring has officially begin, we've still got some chilly winter-like mornings at the moment and while I'm fighting off the flu, my lips are suffering on the school run! My lips get so sore and chapped when I'm ill. The Shea and Gold Lip balm has been a life saver. I've been putting this on every morning, especially before leaving the house. It prevents my lips from getting dry and sore and keeps them hydrated throughout the day.

Charcoal and Oat Cream

This gem stops my nose from getting sore and prevents any psoriasis breakouts when used regularly. Everyone who has used it can vouch for its natural healing firepower and I love how quickly the creams get to work. I put this on twice a day. It now contains silver too! Even more healing benefits!

Raw Coconut Oil

And finally, raw coconut oil massaged into my scalp and hair. It keeps my scalp healthy. Once I'm on the mend and I rinse it out a few days later my hair is in gorgeous condition. I think it's so important to pamper yourself when you're feeling rundown. It's not just about how you feel on the surface level. Sometimes making yourself feel better inside with a nice pamper session is just as important.

I hope this has helped those of you who have the last of Winter Flu at the moment. For those of you who aren't suffering, I recommend keeping this in your bookmarks because a year can go in a flash and before you know it, you'll be hunting down this surefire flu deterrent for yourselves!

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