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Application of creams

Application of creams

Application of Zoe Bee Creams 💛

My Shea butter-based skincare may occasionally present with a gritty texture, and that's an inherent hallmark of its authentic, unrefined nature. This distinctive trait serves as your assurance that the product has not been excessively heated, hence preserving the maximum content of essential nutrients and vitamins for your skin's optimum nourishment.

When you lightly warm the product between your palms before applying, the tiny grains swiftly melt, transforming into a smooth and luxurious cream that beautifully absorbs into your skin. This interactive process engages you to take a more hands-on approach to your skincare routine, infusing it with a personalized touch.

Moreover, when applied to lightly damp skin, it aids in locking-in the moisture, creating an intensely hydrating experience that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. The initial grainy texture is a small trade-off for the skin-positively nutritive benefits that follows. Embrace the experience, as it holds the promise of radiant, nourished skin that shines with health and vitality.

Top tips to help with absorption:

💛 Apply to damp skin
💛 Warm through hands
💛 Mix with a small drop of oil
💛 Apply on top of a hyaluronic acid

Once applied, wait ten minutes and apply your spf. You then have a beautiful base for makeup, or glowy soft skin for #makeupfreewithzoebee days 💛


Application of creams

Application of creams

Comments (8)

Just placed my first order. Can’t wait to try and hopefully finally get some relief for my eczema prone eyes


I’m currently using your jojoba oil cleanser, which is amazing and makes my skin feel so soft, also the best kindest eye makeup remover I’ve ever used. Then I’ve been using your Gold cream for daytime and it really has made a difference to my skin, but my favourite so far is the Avocado and Aloe cream which I use at night! It really feels like a treat on my skin and has really helped soothe and moisture the eczema I’ve had on the side of my face and behind my ears, which I think is down to being on antibiotics, so my skin has really suffered.
I love trying new products especially when you see and hear people’s results and how successful there journey has been.
I’m actually a self employed beautician and I can honestly say that I love Zoe Bee Beauty products and work ethic! I have and will continue to recommend Zoe’s products to my clients and look forward to trying more of your range! Thank you lots xxx

Georgina winn

Love zoe bee creams . After years of sunbed abuse I had quite bad white patches on my cheeks but with the veggie cream I’ve seen a remarkable difference and can’t thank zoe enough for making these pots of magic 😀 💛


I love to keep my skincare simple, and Zoebee really gives me what I need.

Emma Lockett

Fabulous stuff. Just keep doing what you are doing x

Paula Pateman

Such beautiful creams . My skin has never felt so soft 😊👌

Fran Lawton

Every time I apply one of your creams I feel as though I am giving my skin the most delicious and nourishing treat… every day is special .. thank you Zoe.. your creams are foods for the skin’s soul ✨

Hilary Horton

Wonderfully simple and effective routine. Thank you so much for sharing, Zoe.You’re the best!! Xoxo 💕💕💕

Rebecca Lami

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