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Who is Zoe Bee?

Who is Zoe Bee?

Once upon a time, in a small kitchen, a dream started to materialise. Zoe Bee, plagued by psoriasis, had seen her confidence dwindling and took it upon herself to fight back. After countless hours amidst jars and mixing spoons, she discovered the joy and solutions she had been looking for. 

Her discovery did wonders for her skin, and it wasn't long before her confidence started to bloom. She began to share these creations with friends and family, and soon, she found herself packaging her handmade creams for a wider audience.

Zoe took her business to Etsy, where her authentic creams started turning heads. Then came the vegan fairs, and before she knew it, Zoe Bee Beauty expanded to deliver worldwide, propelled by the joy her hobby brought her and the satisfaction of her customers.

The heartbeat of Zoe Bee Beauty is the undying focus on customer care. Zoe and her team take immense pleasure in their interactions with the customers, creating a community that transcends the basic seller-buyer relationship.

Due to her love for her craft, Zoe personally makes all the creams. This unique system meant the store usually opens around midnight to cater to the numerous NHS workers, and closes about eight or nine hours later.

Occasionally, Zoe tweaks the restock hours to cater to varied clientele. But it's always a delicate balance between maintaining authenticity and avoiding customer disappointment.

Zoe has no desire to industrialize her craft or tussle for shelf space in popular shops. Her focus is reaching the right people, engaging with them on their skincare journey, and maintaining her joy in her hobby without experiencing burnout. An authentic brand, indeed, born out of a heartwarming tale of self-discovery and self-love. 

“ Seeing my customers excited about their results brings me so much joy. I work such long hours, and when I see their face light up it gives me such a boost. I adore them, and don’t see them as a number. I love checking in, and hearing how they are getting on. I still remember being the shy self conscious girl, covered head to toe in psoriasis. I remember how it made me feel. And my goal is to have feeling falling in love with their skin again” - Zoe says

With a brand message of ‘skincare that cares’ you’re in safe hands with Zoe Bee.

Who is Zoe Bee?

Who is Zoe Bee?

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Really liked this Article and Zoe doing a great job. Best of luck for the years coming ahead.

Nida Hussain

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