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My healthy holiday skin and hair essentials

My healthy holiday skin and hair essentials

So, I'm back In not so sunny England!
I just wanted to say thanks to all of my lovely customers for being patient and allowing me to focus on my holiday and honeymoon with my family.

Now that I'm back I'm excited to catch up with all the orders and enquiries (I can tell you guys have missed me a little bit!)

I also wanted to share my experiences of maintaining a good skincare routine in a warmer country.

Keep your Zoe Bee creams in a cool dry place

It's common knowledge that you should keep your creams in a cool dry place, but when you're in a really hot tropical environment, that's sometimes easier said than done. Where in the UK, I could easily leave my cream in the bathroom or on my dressing table, I discovered (very quickly) that those places didn't cut it as 'cool' in Jamaica! So just keep in mind if you're taking your Zoe Bee cream abroad, think of a cupboard, drawers or anywhere with permanent shade for your creams. Always keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid them melting.

(If you found you've left your cream out on a really hot day and the texture has changed, a couple of hours in the fridge thankfully will help bring it back to its original state.

Top up your sun protection with sun screen

Now I know how we all love a sun bathing session girls, but lets remember to do it right and take it in stages to avoid burning. I put on a layer of Avocado and Aloe cream under my sunscreen before leaving the house, and once again as a night cream to heal any sunburned areas. I actually had my husband ask our neighbour in Jamaica for an Aloe Vera leaf from his back garden when I went a little overboard on a sunbathing session.

Protect your hair from the sea water

You'd be forgiven to think Sea water would be good for your hair being a byproduct of nature. After all, it works wonders on your skin, detoxing, reducing swelling and treating wounds, but when it comes to hair, overexposure is actually quite damaging. Now I'll be the last person to tell you to stay out of the sea (I was going for 6am swims almost every morning). Instead I just protected my hair as best as I could every day.

Similarly to the rest of your body, your hair can get dehydrated and the high salt content in the sea means moisture can get leached from your hair.
I used a leave in conditioner (try to find one that's natural and has as few unrecognisable products in it as possible), and would leave on for as long as possible. I sometimes left mine in for the whole day.

I also recommend trying coconut oil mixed with peppermint oil. It acts as a barrier from the harsh elements and keeps scalp and hair healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

The one last piece of advice I can offer and most important in my humble opinion is don't take yourself too seriously. You're on holiday. Have a drink, eat delicious food, swim in the ocean, explore your surroundings if you can. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones and as long as it's all done in moderation, your skin wont punish you for it when you get home.

Tell me where your next holiday is and whether you'll be bringing a #zoebeebeauty cream with you.

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