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New to Zoe Bee creams? Here’s what to expect

New to Zoe Bee creams? Here’s what to expect

Are you a newcomer to the Zoe Bee Beauty community?

If that's the case, it brings me great joy to extend a warm welcome to you and express eagerness to learn about your journey. As our brand, Zoe Bee, flourishes, I'm continually touched by the myriad of extraordinary individuals seeking to reignite their affection for their skin. It's honestly awe-inspiring to consider the impressive range of benefits that our creams are providing, outperforming many other skincare items out there. If you're uncertain about anything, I wholeheartedly encourage you to touch base via my Facebook page or website chat.

Countless customers are astounded by the transformation they witness their skin undergo in very little time. We strive for an impactful first experience, so here's a rundown of what to anticipate in the initial weeks.

Weeks 1-2

Initially, you might find our creams feeling too rich or oily. Fear not as your skin actually requires these oils to achieve balance (oil dissolves oil). During this adjustment phrase, you might notice break-outs as toxins are drawn to the surface. Remain consistent! Apply the cream from your neck to face daily (or at night for night creams), using just a little dollop each time. Your skin will acclimate in a few days and effectively absorb the creams. Checking out my skincare regime could expedite this process.

Weeks 3-6

By this phase, you'll observe your skin adapting and absorbing the creams more effectively. Your skin conditions should commence to dissipate, leaving your skin feeling revitalized, soft, and full-bodied. You might notice a newfound confidence to flaunt your skin #makeupfreewithzoebee and even post unfiltered selfies – a thought that might have been daunting six months back. Above all, you'll start rekindling the love for your skin. Although you might feel this is a déjà vu, I won't hold it against you. I urge you to read through the reviews to validate my words. Don’t forget to join our social media pages and interact with our compassionate community
New to Zoe Bee creams? Here’s what to expect

New to Zoe Bee creams? Here’s what to expect

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I just wanted to drop you a line to say this week I have received my first zoe bee order. I have to say I have been very excited to try these products for my acne rosacea. For years I have used Body Shop Aloe skincare range which has been ok but I have always had to wear foundation to cover the constant redness. I knew not to expect overnight results with zoe bee but I can honestly say that I just have achieved overnight results! I used the jojoba oil to cleanse, rose water to tone and the green cream for night cream and then in the morning the veggie soufle for day cream. My face felt so relieved and supple all night and seemed to calm the redness down straight away. Even when using the veggie soufle in the morning, my makeup went on so much better. I use an all in one powder which at times can make my face look dry, but not with zoe bee products. My face feels so plump and supple its amazing. I just love these products and cant thank you enough. Ive even bought the eyelash serum which I am using every other night. These products are definitely worth every penny. Xxx

Zoey Ridley

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