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Your first time? Here's what to expect

Are you a new member to the Zoe Bee Beauty family?

If so, welcome and I can't wait to hear your story. As the Zoe Bee brand continues to grow, I'm meeting so many wonderful people who are longing to rekindle their love affair with their skin. It's still mind blowing to hear that my creams are achieving things that so many other skincare products are failing to do! I urge all of you to send me a message on my Facebook page or the chat box on my website if there's anything you're unsure of.

So many of my customers love to share their surprise after seeing their skin literally transform before their eyes in such a short time. I want your first experience to be an unforgettable one so here's what to expect in the first few weeks!

Weeks 1-2

Initially you may feel worried that the creams are too heavy or oily. Your skin actually needs oils to balance itself ( oil dissolves oil ). You may find you experience some break-outs during the transition period as the toxins are being drawn to the surface of your skin. Stay Vigilant! Continue to work from your neck up to your face at least once a day (or at night if using a night cream,) using just a pea sized amount. After a few days your skin will adjust and soak in the creams. (To speed up the process, I recommend looking at my skincare regime)

Weeks 3-6

By now, you will have started to notice your skin adjusting and is now absorbing the creams better. Your skin conditions will have started to fade away by now, feeling more rejuvenated, softer, and plump. You may find you're developing the urge to go out make up free, and even take a filter free selfie where 6 months ago you wouldn't have dared without makeup. The main thing to pay attention to, is you will have finally started to fall back in love with your skin. You may be thinking you've heard this all before, and I don't blame you for thinking it. I'd rather you don't take my word for it and look at some of these reviews.

After years of mistreating our bodies, Using the wrong products, not looking after ourselves and not drinking enough water, our skin has become imbalanced. It's not going to change overnight, but I take pride in just how quickly my creams have been able to make noticeable changes to the skin, especially in cases where prescribed options have not worked.

If you've tried a Zoe Bee cream and loved what it's done for your skin, why not leave us a review on our Facebook page or instagram using #skinconfidence, #makeupfreewithzoebee or #loveyourselfie and you may even win yourself a freebie!



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