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Zoe Bee’s guide to hydrated healthy lips

Zoe Bee’s guide to hydrated healthy lips

Our lips are more sensitive than you think!

Our lips are extremely susceptible to drying out, as they are always exposed to the elements. During the summer and winter as the weather is changing, our lips tend to peel and crack. This is why we turn to lip balm. By now you’ve probably heard that lip balm dries your lips out, which in turn makes you apply more, and then it turns into an addictive habit that isn’t doing you, or your lips, any favours. Certain lip balms do contain ingredients that feel good at first, but leave you with the need to put more on just an hour or 2 later as they dry up, and leave your skin even drier. They also act by creating a barrier than just sits on top of your skin, and locks out any moisture it might be getting from the air. Here are two widely recommended suggestions to keep your lips smooth, soft and hydrated all year round.

Exfoliate your lips

Those of you who have used the Zoe Bee Beauty Coffee and Clay Scrub know the benefits of exfoliating the skin but it's also important to exfoliate your lips on a regular basis. Just like the rest of your body, your lips develop layers of old skin cells which in time, will leave your lips looking dry and discoloured. Exfoliate at least once a week and don't forget to include your lips for a smoother, more even finish for your lip balms...Speaking of Lip Balms..I've got a surprise for you!

Use a good lip balm

As you know, I'm regularly thinking about how to improve my products for you lovely lot and I'm so excited to share my new formula for the Zoe Bee Beauty Lip Balms with you. After lots of strong arm work, I have got you the smoothest, creamiest, silkiest lip balm in the world! These lip balms contain soy wax, 24k gold, Shea butter, mango butter, Jamaican black castor oil and much more. The only lip balm that is healing, raw, anti-ageing and contains SPF 15.

We have had such an amazing response for these since the reveal last week. If you've already bought yours, please share how it makes your lips feel!


Zoe Bee’s guide to hydrated healthy lips

Zoe Bee’s guide to hydrated healthy lips

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When do you reckon you will have the Shea and gold lip balm available again I have purchased it from you before and was highly impressed with how it keeps my lips moist and hydrated

Elaine mitchell

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