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Healing myself through meditation

Hello beautiful ones! As some of you may know, I've just returned from an inspiring 7-day retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza, a renowned expert on personal development and the mind-body connection. For those unfamiliar with his work, I can't recommend his books and videos enough.

Through this blog post, I'm eager to share with you the insightful lessons I've absorbed that have profoundly shifted my perspective. Additionally, I'm looking forward to providing a personal update on the positive developments in my health journey.

Stay tuned for more details – I'm excited to dive into these transformative experiences with you all!

I had a compelling reason to participate in a retreat led by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  I confess that his books had long sat on my shelf, underappreciated. Fascinated by the concept that the mind has the power to influence physical well-being, and faced with personal health hurdles, including persistent migraines, fatigue, forgetfulness, and especially disruptive restless leg syndrome, I sought a deeper understanding.

Despite ongoing treatment and consultations with my neurologist, the severity of my symptoms was escalating, and even expanding beyond my legs. Despite high doses of magnesium and iron, relief seemed elusive. Then, a scheduled MRI brought to light an unexpected discovery: a benign meningioma behind my right eye. This revelation led me directly to Dr. Dispenza's books, and his retreat, in hopes of harnessing my own mind’s capacity for healing.

Spoiler alert..I have some health updates and changes to tell you at the end 😍

Arriving in Orlando for the retreat filled me with a mix of nerves and excitement – this was a leap outside my usual bounds. I’m shy and anxious. How would I get through this? Something with over 2000 people from all over the world? From the first day, I embraced the new routine which began with a 6am meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza's enlightening sessions framed our days, punctuated by periods of contemplation and powerful hour-long meditations. The most captivating were the walking meditations; we'd listen to guidance through earphones, stepping forward as if embodying our future selves, before drawing our consciousness back whilst lying down—all within the safe confines of the retreat.

Here, I tread carefully, acknowledging that my experiences might stretch the bounds of belief. But I invite you to consider with an open mind what I witnessed: individuals rising from wheelchairs, and others regaining sight or hearing. It was as if I was in the midst of real-time miracles.

So during the seminars I often wrote notes which I will share some of with you now. 

💛 ‘ We have become addicted to stress. We must take our intention away from our outer life’ - This one rung so true for me. I was living in self pity. A poor me mentality. But what favours was it actually doing me? 

💛 ‘Your body has been programmed. Weaken the connection and circuits and make new ones’ - This is through quietening our mind through meditation and becoming aware of our thoughts. How often do we think thoughts that bring us down? 

💛 ‘ The hardest part of change is feeling uncomfortable’ - We get stuck in our ways. But when we reset ourselves and change the program magic happens 

💛 ‘Predict your future by creating it’ - Install your new beliefs through meditation. Become the person you want to be. Happier and healthier. 

💛 ‘Before reacting to anything, ask yourself “what would love do”? - Become love. People who are nasty, jealous, spiteful..are unhappy within themselves. Real strength is being love 

💛 ‘Free your body from your past’ - Those stored emotions will only make you unwell. You can reflect on your past, but when you can look back on a memory without the emotion … now that’s wisdom. 

💛 ‘Where you place your intention, you place your energy’ - What are you placing your intention on daily? Is it benefiting you? 

💛 ‘I made myself sick, I can make myself well’ - in many cases, medication is needed. But most of the time medicine only masks the problem or can make symptoms worse. It’s proven that our body can create its own pharmacy. 

💛 ‘If we fall pray to our suffering, we fall pray to our past’ - It’s time to change the script 

💛 ‘When you feel an emotion, you are connecting new wires in the brain’ - When we become nothing, no one, no where through meditation we are connected to source. Our authentic self. Then when we feel love, gratitude and joy we are making changes within ourself. 

💛 ‘Meditation is a system reboot’ - I came back from the retreat, reset and rebooted. I was no longer identifying myself as unwell, shy and anxious. I was Zoe 2.0 

💛 ‘Meditation is a mind upgrade’ - Surrender and let go of the past 

💛 ‘ If you meditate when you don’t feel like it, that is growth. If you can conquer yourself you can conquer anything - Your mind will give you excuses why you can do it. Do it anyway 

💛 ‘ The more we meditate and quiet the mind, the faster we become one and we aren’t affected by the outside world’ - what’s not to love about that? 

💛 ‘Focus on feeling well. Our body doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. If we think of a painful past memory it will believe it’s happening to you in the present’ - When you feel well, your tricking your body to make it happen 

💛 ‘Walk as if you’re the person you wish to become’ - hold that head up high. Walk as if. It feels incredible 

I’m not going to go too heavy on my notes, because I won’t speak it as well as the expert. But head over to dr joes website and you can find his articles with proof, and you can purchase his meditations. You can also find videos of transformation on YouTube, and interviews as well. So before I share my meditation tips, I wanted to tell you something exciting. Since returning from Orlando, I’m no longer on my medication for restless leg syndrome. It’s pretty much completely gone. My headaches have completely stopped, my energy is up, and my anxiety has vanished. Today, I went to the hospital to see my ophthalmologist. They test my field of vision, as the tumour is behind my eye. They were shocked to discover my vision is improving. It didn’t make sense. They even said, I must have learnt to beat the test! When I asked if a meningioma can go away or shrink on its own, they said “absolutely not” .. you can imagine the determination this has given me. Oh how I can’t wait to prove them wrong. I have an mri booked for January so watch this space. 

So if you’ve got this far into the blog, I’m so grateful you have spent this time learning about my journey. It means a lot. Finally, here are my meditation tips. Let’s set this as a 30 day challenge: 

💛 Meditate every day, no excuses. No time to meditate? I run a incredibly busy business. I have two small children, I’m writing a book, and creating a clothing line. Not to mention, running a household and managing every day life. My solution . I set an alarm for 5am before the day begins. You can find a spare bit of time any moment of the day. You will find time for Netflix, or tik tok. Find time for your own self care 

💛 Use headphones and an eye mask. Block out the world. Don’t lay down, you will fall asleep. Sitting on the floor can be uncomfortable. Sit on a comfy chair or edge of your bed 

💛 You can’t meditate because your mind wanders? If I told you to learn a language in one day could you do it? Practice makes perfect. Your mind will wonder, that’s normal. Just don’t give up. If you stick with it, you become stronger 

💛 There’s no such thing as a bad meditation. Even if your mind wonders, or you struggle to relax. You made time for yourself and that’s a win 

leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Let me know if you get involved in the challenge too 💛

I will soon post my daily routine, along with diet and supplements. Keep a lookout 👀 


Joe Dispenza website

His recent interview on diary of a ceo

I also recommend downloading the Gaia app and watching his Rewired series 


  • Loved reading your first-hand account of Dr Joe’s workshop/retreat and am so delighted and encouraged to hear about your positive health benefits! I am guilty of having such books of wisdom lying dusty on shelves- more because I don’t know where to start and what to stick to! I read your recommendation for the lumenate app, which I’ve just tried (and love)…but in terms of paying for the full content? I’m not sure. Can you explain what it’s done for you? Did Joe Dispenza recommend it too? Thank you 🙏🏼💜

  • Hi Zoe, life was very difficult as I had been taking care of my elderly very ill Mum for years as well as my Dad who’s in his 90s and when ‘the virus’ hit I was overwhelmed. I began qigong which helped a bit but then I found Dr Joe. I downloaded some of his meditations (the morning one is my favourite) in 2021, bought and read three of his books, did the work and they have brought me great peace. I love connecting with the Creator every day and my life has improved (though I’m constantly selecting more). And then I found you! Many of the issues you have resonate with me. I truly believe we can heal ourselves so am delighted you are so feeling so positive. All the very best in your healing, your family and your business. You’re doing a great job xxx

  • Thank you Zoe for sharing I’m so thrilled to hear about your positive experience at Orlando retreat. It’s really nice to hear some feedback from people who have attended I believe it can help others like myself stay on track and make more sense of it all. I can’t wait to hear more about your results in January and the reaction of your doctor. Also what is your most favorite medication(s) of Joe Dispenza?
    Thank you!

    Tati Giasson
  • Sound dalf but I don’t even know where to start with meditation! Definitely need it as the negative energy in work gets me down. Thanks Zoe 💛

  • Thank you for all of the things you post, including this. They’ve helped and inspired me so much. Sending you love and light Zoe 🙏💖


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