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How far does a Zoe Bee cream go

How far does a Zoe Bee cream go

How many times have you found yourself on the oh so familiar trip to the store to replace a moisturiser that you bought only a few weeks ago?

This was one of my main goals when creating my creams. Before I started making my own, I used to struggle with moisturisers that would leave my skin feeling dry and dehydrated only a few hours after using it. Naturally, I'd have to use more and then run out sooner. (Funny That)

Now imagine everyone's surprise when my tiny little mini jars lasted two or sometimes three times longer than their usual moisturiser. Check out my video I made to convince all the non-believers!

The Secret is not only in the carefully selected ingredients but also the method of how they were combined. It's this unique formula and method that allows a pea-sized amount on the tip of your finger to hydrate an entire hand or even your whole face.

Still don't believe me? Find out for yourself and order a mini jar and join the growing list of BEElievers!

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