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Beauty Sleep..Is that a thing?

Beauty Sleep..Is that a thing?

How important is a good night's sleep for your skin?

Turns out, pretty important! We all know that sleep plays a big part in health and fitness. Athletes are known to have a minimum of 9 hours sleep in order to perform well the next day and the same goes for our skin.

Studies show that lack of sleep can affect features such as the eyes, mouth and skin. We all know that not enough sleep can lead to redder, puffier eyes with dark circles, but sleep deprivation is actually also linked to paler skin, more wrinkles and fine lines. It doesn't get any easier when you factor in longer work hours and conditions like insomnia, not to mention just being a mother, it can be pretty tough to get your 8 hours!

This was one of my motivations behind creating the Amethyst Quartz cream. The lavender in the cream is a well known sleep aid, helping slow the heartbeat, relax the muscles and helping you drift into deeper sleep, giving the powerful combination of shea and oils time to repair the skin from the beating it takes throughout the day.

The Charged Amethyst Quartz Crystal is also associated with sound sleeping, along with promoting calm, balance, peace and eliminating impatience. together they form a powerful night cream that keeps the skin soft and supple, removes blemishes and helps with better sleep.

Check it out if you haven't already and get yourself some well earned beauty sleep

Beauty Sleep..Is that a thing?

Beauty Sleep..Is that a thing?

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Hi Zoe just wondered if you could recommend one of your amazing creams to reduce dark spots that seem to be appearing on my face . Many thanks Carol .

Carol Betts

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