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Not all shea is created equal

Not all shea is created equal

Shea butter is traditionally rolled into balls by the women in Ghana and carried on their heads to the market. Leaving before daylight ensures the shea won’t melt. A whole day is spent at the market, often resulting in having to carry the shea all the way back home again.

People often think if they are purchasing shea anywhere online, it’s all the same sort of thing. It all comes from the same place. I was so shocked to discover that 85% of shea butter is made in factories, extracted by solvents and chemicals. What is so sad, is that it rips the income from the women who depend on it.

Because I purchase directly, together we are helping to support these women and their tradition. They earn a great wage, and it means they no longer have to trek to the market. This also ensures they spend more time with their children and family.

Zoe Bee ingredients are all purchased directly from their place of origin. We support local communities, farmers and families. We cut out the middle man. And we provide the highest quality pure, organic, unrefined ingredients. I am so proud of my products. The people we support, and the customers who love the skin they’re in 💛💛



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