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Zoe Bee Beauty isn’t just a skincare brand, this is a positive community where we learn to love the skin we are in, all through acts of self-love. I already know how beautiful you are…I know you have a story that will inspire and uplift and I’d love for you to share your story with the world.


After suffering with eczema prone skin for years I have tried every cream there is and always found them to cause further irritation on my skin and all my GP wanted to do was pump my skin full of steroids. I’m not a fan of medicine in general and prefer to find natural alternatives, so I am SO happy I discovered Zoe Bee! My skin had been in a severe flare up for 9 weeks when I ordered, and absolutely every cream I put on caused burning. The Zoe Bee [Oat and Charcoal]( did not cause any reaction on my skin at all, and instantly my skin felt nourished. After 3 weeks of use my skin has massively improved - so I’ve now ordered a new cream to try! The ethics behind this company are enough to make you want to try it anyway but the products are amazing and I will definitely continue to buy them - thank you so much Zoe for making such beautiful products!

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Each story will be reviewed by a moderator and may be published. Your story may be about you, your family, friends or loved ones.. e.g. How has being a part of the Zoe Bee Family changed your life? Did using the products help improve your skin? Was it a reminder to start taking time out for ‘me time’ were you able to go #makeupfreewithzoebee for the first time?

This is where you can share your full story. There’s no limit to how little or much you want to share. Thank you so much for inspiring others who will read this.

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