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Zoe Bee Beauty isn’t just a skincare brand, this is a positive community where we learn to love the skin we are in, all through acts of self-love. I already know how beautiful you are…I know you have a story that will inspire and uplift and I’d love for you to share your story with the world.

Julie - North Hampshire

Wow… the Zoe Bee journey has begun I’m so happy I decided to invest in these beautiful products. The beautiful packaging is just the beginning of the quality of the overall product. I can honestly say I have never felt the need to feel committed to my beauty skin care with consistency until now. The moisturisers and the eye lash serum are amazing they are full of Zoe Bee magic is the best way to describe these products. So to start with the creams are totally different to any other creams I’ve ever used. So I had to adapt my mental approach when using them. For example they are totally natural so the cream is thicker you only need a pea size to rub between finger tips before applying onto your skin. The thicker cream does take a couple of weeks to get use to but wow by then you feel the magic working honestly feel my skin is happier and healthier. Also I’m use to nice perfumed creams previously so the basic natural smell takes time to adapt to but I promise you it’s worth giving up on that Perfume smell as the outcome of the products is so up lifting. I actually have not worn any foundation on some days to work …that is massive for me as I’ve always used foundation every day for nearly thirty years! Now I feel like I have a relationship with my skin I can’t let it down now so I’m going to continue to explore Zoe bee products to see the further benefits these products can do for my skin. I’ve only been using the products for three weeks now and I can already see and feel the difference. Natural is totally better for your skin proof is in these products. I can’t wait until there are small weekend pots to purchase so I can take it every where I go. As top tip but the bigger pits for home it’s so worth it it will last you I’m guessing three months time will tell.

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