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The Zoe Bee Experience

Zoe Bee Beauty isn’t just a skincare brand, this is a positive community where we learn to love the skin we are in, all through acts of self-love. I get so many amazing messages that fill me with so much pride that I wanted to share some of them with you. If you think you've got a story to tell about how life has changed since trying the Zoe Bee Experience then please share and inspire others to take the leap. We all deserve to feel good and fall back in love with our skin.


My story begins in May 2020. A friend had mentioned she'd spent £90 on face cream. I thought this to be wholly expensive seeing as I used a £3 moisturiser from a well known brand. She recommended the Zoe Bee company to me and I browsed the website hoping, just maybe, a cream could help me. According to family and friends, well meaning people close to me, I had combination skin. No s**t Sherlock like I couldn't work that out for myself! I thought I had acne and rosacea as did my GP. I started using Charcoal and Oat and that started to help. Then came PPE constantly at work (I'm an NHS nurse (not front line) and I wore make up at work) and eruptions came in from nowhere onto my already sore skin. The only people to ever see me without make up were my husband and mum. Here started my public battle with my skin.



I suffered with dry acne, sensitive , eczema prone skin for over 15 years and it was really difficult to find products that ticked all the boxes for me. My friend recommended Zoe Bee when I had just about lost faith in finding products that work for my skin. My acne was very active and painful and so I started the Zoe Bee Green Cream and I cannot believe my results...


Abbie Woodcock

In January 2020 I qualified as a nurse filled with excitement. I have never suffered from spots, however, at the beginning of the pandemic and mask wearing, I started with maskne. Which over the next few months continued to get worse. Wearing surgical masks, FFP3 masks and eye protection for 13 hour really took its toll on my skin. In October/November 2020, my skin had peaked to the worst it had ever been. Painful cystic spots around my jawline and white heads all over my cheeks. I was also beginning to see scarring. It got that bad that I would eat on my own at work, or choose to not take a break because I was so embarrassed. On my days off I would not leave the house because I was so upset and self conscious about my skin...


Michelle Venn

I am so glad I found you! You have literally changed my life. I suffer from psoriasis and have been so self conscious for years as it’s so prominent on my arms. 



The last few years have seen me struggle with acne and as a result scarring. I have very oily skin and my self confidence was at an all time low. I never left the house without a full face of make up because I was convinced I looked hideous. Thats when I stumbled upon Zoe Bee. I purchased both the gold and green creams as I was also looking to lessen the signs of ageing and they have seriously changed my life!


Angie Howells

I've used my green cream for a long time, on stress rashes, scars, but I just wanted to show you the amazing results I've had with it when I burnt myself recently. 



After suffering with eczema prone skin for years I have tried every cream there is and always found them to cause further irritation on my skin and all my GP wanted to do was pump my skin full of steroids. I’m not a fan of medicine in general and prefer to find natural alternatives, so I am SO happy I discovered Zoe Bee!


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How has life changed since you tried the Zoe Bee Experience? Were you asked for ID at the till for the first time in forever? Received a compliment about your skin by your partner? Maybe today was the first day you left the house without makeup and just wanted to shout about it! Well here is your mic. Tell us your story and let's celebrate it together!

This is where you can share your full story. There’s no limit to how little or much you want to share. Thank you so much for inspiring others who will read this.

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