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Early days...

Have only been using the charcoal & oat cream for a few days but can already see a difference in my skin. As an eczema sufferer of many years this cream has really helped to calm & moisturise my skin.
Had a problen with my original order which was sorted out promptly by Dora.
Very impressed by the products & customer service. Well done Zoe & all the team.

Green Cream
Karen W
Post surgery cream

I have recently had surgery for breast cancer and am using tiny amounts on my scar, I have very sensitive skin and regularly use the oat cream with great results, and so far the green cream is fabulous and scar looking good. Thank you x

Gold Cream
Amazing and beautiful

Im so happy with my purchase. I have t been using it regularly so not able to tell the difference yet but an hoping for the best and so far so good 😊

Veggie soufflé

I have been using your moisturiser for about 12months now and I love it , my skin feels so hydrated

Zoe Bee Pure Jojoba Oil
Katerina Stoupa

Clean the skin so deep and leave the skin so bright

Charcoal & Oat Cream
Sandra Biroli
Game changer!!!

I am SOOOOO grateful for this 100% natural THICK cream.Everty ingredient is natural unlike claims from other products.Zoe obviously knows what shes's doing .After the first was deeply moisturising, smelt great, beautiful colour. Such chic presentation.Zoe cares about her customers, she cares about people.Thankyou for doing what you do and if you are wondering..YES it's worth the price!

Charcoal & Oat Cream
Yvonne Merrick
“Best cream ever”

That is how my 11 year old described it. He has had eczema primarily on his hands, since he was two. He had been prone to infections and ruled out any sort of contact sport as it would tear his skin. We haven’t had as dramatic a result as some of the pictures - it does seem to be flaring up but the information with it said it probably would so no surprises there. What has been noticeable is the condition of the skin around the current flare up - it has never looked so soft and healthy; and the fact that he no longer licks it to try and ease the itching/discomfort indicates it is having an effect. Am hoping will be lucky enough to get to order some more on next restock. Thank you Zoe Bee for creating this!

Charcoal & Oat

My first order was smallest size of Charcoal & Oat Cream and Avocado & Aloe. Loved them both so much have just received today my second order of the 100mls in both!! I use the Charcoal at night and Avocado in morning. Also ordered the small size of the green cream and the coffee and walnut ……. I know I should have got the larger sizes if my first order is anything to go by - but I will decant into the small pots for taking on holiday (love the pots as well). Thank you Zoe!

Brilliant Lip Butter!

Very soothing - am enjoying trying this for first time.

I rely on the Veggie Souffle!

My second jar of the wonderful healing veggie souffle and it keeps my skin feeling healthy and nourished, as otherwise it’s dry and irritable. It also keeps my angular chellitis at bay. It’s been an aid to my husband’s rosacea too and I even use it to calm flyways on my hair. To top it off I love the fresh smell of lemon oil! I don’t know what I’d do without this cream!

The Queen Bee
Amazing product

I use this as a body cream and its worked wonders before the skin on my legs were always dry almost scaley looking till I started using this now my legs look a lot smoother and the rest of my skin is looking great 💛🙌🏽

Lip butter

This is lush I use it every day & night....has made alot of difference to My lips the feel lovely and moisturised ...I have 2 pots open and a spare ready when I run out....😍😍😍

Rose & quartz cream

I use this on alternate days with the gold cream....lovely cream 😍

Gold Cream
Charaine Scott

Leaves your skin feeling amazing without that greasy feel like some creams

Bowl .. spoon & brush set...

Love using these to make a mask etc....good quality & easy to use ....😍😍

Green Cream
Tracy Smith
Green cream..

Use the green cream as a foot cream and a face cream when I need a skin pick Me up ...lovely cream 😍

Gold Cream
Tracy Smith
Gold cream

Use the gold cream on alternate day with the rose it My skin has really inproved...😍

Coffee & walnut

I use this cream as an eye cream ....feel lovely and refreshed 😍

Amethyst cream .

Love using this every other the smell & texture ....My skin feels lovely the next morning 😍

Coffee & Clay Scrub
Tracy Smith
Coffee & clay...

Amazing face srub & mask....face feels amazing after. 😍😍

Aloe & avacado cream...

Love using this at night makes My face so soft & plump the next day....

Charcoal & oat

This is a great cream for red & problem skin....I gave My sister a small pot to try on her phoriosis on her face and Shes been coverted to Zoe Bees cream as its cleared it up so well....😍😍

Gold Cream
Deborah Eaton
Lovely creams

About a month into using the gold cream and I'm loving it ,so much do I bought the mini selection to try a few other ones takes a bit of getting used to the texture,but my skin is loving it with no breakouts.

Charcoal & Oat Cream
Jackie Keet-Cordell
Jury is Out 🤔

I bought this cream for my shins Unfortunately I've solar keratosis and I'm trying natural remedies to help with the situation I haven't been using this cream long enough for results yet though But I love the other four creams I use from Zoe Bee

Magic in a bottle 😍

Loving this face feels soft & clean after use....😍



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