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Veggie souffle

Love the V.S it's great if you have redness as it calms it down also stops the itching, I've also been using it on my chest as I have sun damage early days yet but I am noticing a difference after just a month.

Amazing Scrub.

This is one of the best scrubs I have used. It leaves you face feeling so soft and clean. I have used it 4 times now and can already see a difference. Would highly recommend.

Shea & Gold Lip Balm

Great Product

I bought the coffee scrub as a tester after trying lots of different scrubs.
This was great for the body, especially the arms and legs.

Skin Saviour

I’m new to Zoe Bee products. Actually originally I bought the cream for my partner as he has really dry and problematic skin. However, after a short while I’ve started using it as well. I’m the key worker and I work on the COVID ward whereI I have to wear PPE for 12.5 shift. As a result my skin and the face get really dry, achy and with marks on my face. The avocado and aloe cream really helps by calming and moisturising the skin on my face really well. Thank you 🙏

Charcoal and oat

LOVE all zoe's creams, I've tried all but the quartz. This one for me has made a huge difference in my skin, I suffer with very dry, itchy red skin, i have what I'd call "rashy blotchy" patches that seem to flare up randomly. C&O calms my skin down and stops the itching almost immediately, it's been a god send especially in these winter months Thankyou Zoe x


I purchased the charcoal and oat, and coffee and walnut creams as a last resort for my psoriasis which has been the bane of my life. I have been using the charcoal and oat sparingly I might add, and I can't actually believe that it's cleared my flare up. It's nothing short of a miracle to be honest. I highly recommend these products and will definitely be using them again.

Love my creams, definitely buying more at next sale

Amazing cream

Love this cream, it’s better than any others I’ve used and has left my skin glowing

Coffee and walnut

Lovely cream, have been using around my eyes as they were quite dry and dark and my skin feels so much softer and less dark

Excellent support

After being recommended to this site by my daughter I placed my first order.  But after a month it hadn’t arrived - contacted them and they investigated immediately.  My package was somewhere out in Royal Mail land missing.   My order was immediately replaced and sent out signed for no messing no trouble.  Obviously I was upset that it would be me this happened to but they couldn’t have done any more to help me so I’m really pleased with that.  I’m currently trying 3 creams which I’m happy with and hoping to get a gold cream to try if I’m quick enough. Really pleased with the help I was given. 

Does amazing things

I have only just started using Zoe bee products this is my second order and I have already seen such an improvement in my scarring and dark circles. I can’t wait to see how much more my skin improves!

A new staple in my regime!

I ordered a mini Veggie souffle and saw a difference within days! I suffer from chronic redness and after day 2 my cheeks looked less flared and more soothed.I have just ordered another jar, along with ‘green cream’ - I am now hooked! Would 100% recommend. I also love the fact each purchase supports an animal shelter.
Thanks so much Zoe xx


These are hands down the best skin care products my son and I have ever used. Our skin had improved just off a few applications. I had compliments are a few days how good my skin looked. Highly recommend

Skin cream

Ordered Aloe and advacado for my self and the charcoal and oat cream for my son who suffers from exama ,very happy with both creams and will definitely be ordering more x

Ectodermal Dysplasia Syndrome

I suffer with a rare genetic problem which among lots of other symptoms means that the skin on my hands and feet and really badly dry and cracked. I have been using the Charcoal & Oatmeal cream for 60 days now and can see a marked improvement in both feet and hands. I shall continue to use all the products I have bought (Coffee & Walnut, Gold Cream and Avocado & Aloe) for my daily skin regime. At 66 years old you don't expect to see an improvement in your facial problems but I have. Will always be grateful that a friend recommended me.

Bought Recently and already my Skin is Improving!

I found Zoe Bee via Facebook and finally decided to try purchase some, I managed to get an order in which was exciting as they sell out so fast! I was going to wait to leave a review but I already see my skin texture, feel and appearance changing, its is clearer, my blemishes are going too! I made the choice to regularly wash and moisturize my face etc. and its getting there very slowly but it is.. for the first time in ages! I truly Believe in Zoe Bee's beauty range - it's going places!! Thank you Zoe and Team! <3


Love the Veggie soufflé product so much, feels so nice on my skin and makes it super bright and vibrant. I have only just starting using both this and the Green Cream so looking forward to seeing my skin improve - thank you Zoebee xx

Coffee clay scrub is amazing

Coffee and clay scrub/green cream/charcoal and oat

By far THE best creams I’ve ever tried. My skin had been so dry and sore due to prescription acne treatment and the cold weather. Skin felt amazing and calmed right down after just a few applications. Miracle creams x

Charcoal and Oat is amazing!!!

This cream has been so helpful for my skin prone skin. It’s so soothing and I’m noticing that I’m getting less breakouts now. I put it on at night and my skin feels so soft and nourished in the morning.

Love the gold cream

I already have the charcoal and oat cream
Which has done wonders for my stretch marks after having my little boy in September! I bought the gold cream recently and oh my goodness it is amazing! My skin feels amazing and I don’t bother wearing foundation day to day anymore. Can’t wait to try more! X

Love, love, love my swirly creams 🌀

I don’t just love Zoe Bee products, I love the ethos behind the company and the way that Zoe is always available to help her customers. This company is always giving back; in many ways. 

Thank you. 


I have followed for a while and ordered for myself and my mum for the first time (I have tried previously!) I have acne and my mum rosacea. Happy with the cream so far. Will post again in a few weeks. Thanks for the support on the page.

Magic in a jar!

Started using Zoe’s creams back in March after years of Acne Rosacea and the creams have helped so much alongside medication. The green cream is my favourite out of my collection had they last for so long! Amazing lady that puts her heart and soul into her creams whilst juggling her family life too 💖