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Shea butter lip balm

I am a new Zoe Bee customer, the Shea butter lip balm is lovely, so moisturising and as I am in my late 50s I am really hoping it will help soften lip lines.. I love it! The smell the texture is Devine!

Lovely moisturising lip balm

Feels really creamy and moisturising on. Also smells good too.


I have been using the Avocado & Aloe cream and the Coffee & Walnut cream for the last couple of weeks. I have found it so hard to find moisturisers that do not cause me pain or rashes as I have an allergy to a mystery ingredient in most store bought moisturisers, creams and deodorants. Zoe Bee's creams smell amazing and are beautifully presented. You need the smallest amount so the creams go a long way, even on troubled skin. My eczema, acne, fine lines and general dullness has already much improved. It's so nice not to feel so scaly and sore anymore! I have just ordered the mascara and Gold cream to see if it works well under make up. Thank you Zoe for these wonderful creams.

Fantastic creams

I bought the avocado and aloe for myself and the green cream for my son, as he has acne at the moment. Both are amazing. I will take photos next week!


In my house mum, daughter and granddaughter use this wonderful cream for eczema. I haven't found anything better.

New Formula

The new formula is soooo good. Honestly, the creams are so much creamier and glides on so well with the jojoba oil! I’ve already used half the jar only 2 weeks in! The green cream has really helped get rid of any redness or dark spots and texture, my skin looks so much better! I barely use half a pump of foundation for my face nowadays if any.

Green cream

My daughter been using a week and already a huge significant improvement in her acne . So so impressed

Another fab cream :)

I’ve made it my mission to try them all. Love Zoe b creams

Charcoal & Oat
Charcoal & oat

Just as I thought, this cream is a miracle in a jar. I initially bought for my daughter as she had some dry spots & a heat rash on her bottom. But after seeing how well it absorbed into her skin I tried it myself on my face over night. Amazing. It’s now part of both of our routines. I look forward to trying more of the range. The fact they are vegan and hand made, free from chemicals is the biggest bonus.

Amazing product.

Love all your products. I have tried gold lip balm and the green and charcoal cream. Love the glow it gives to my skin.xxxx

My new fave day cream

I suffer from extremely dry skin and unpredictable patches of eczema and irritation. It's not uncommon for me to exfoliate, use a hydrating serum and moisturise and STILL find a patch of irritated, dry skin a matter of hours later. I started using the Gold Cream a couple of weeks ago and love how rich it is - it soaks into my skin but still leaves a thin protective layer so my face feels moisturised all day. It's quite thick when you initially get it out the pot but it warms up into a lovely texture very quickly and is easy to massage in. A little goes a very long way which is fab. The gold gives you a lovely glow and my dry skin patches are being absolutely kept at bay.

Rose Quartz Moisturiser

I’m new to the Zoe bee family, I saw her products on Instagram so decided to give a go..... I am not disappointed. Rose quartz is my fave Crystal hence drawn to this product.. my skin had been amazing since using it softer, clearer and even a bit smoother definitely what I need when approaching 40... I will definitely be using this long term and looking to expand my product base with more of what Zoe has to offer in the near future :)

There’s no better glow than the one of Zoe’s cream!

I’ve been buying Zoe’s cream for the past two years now and I absolutely love them. My sister and I both particularly love the green cream. We both say that no other cream gives us a natural radiant glow the same way Zoe’s cream do! The jars are relatively small but a little definitely goes a long way. In the past two years I’ve restocked each time one has finished and I’ve only been through two and a quarter jars (baring in mind I use it every day). You obviously can’t help but love the fact that all her products are homemade from natural and organic products, cruelty-free, and also help woman in Ghana, and help the planet by her tree planting campaign. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever buy another moisturiser other than Zoe’s!

Great Coffee and Walnut Cream

Brilliant cream. Great service as always.

Coffee & walnut

Another lovely cream from Zoe bee range. The coffee & walnut has def made a difference to eye area in a very short time & the new jars are lovely

Looooove it

I got this cream for me and my daughter keeps pinching it ! It’s so nice can really see a difference using theses creams . I have the avacado and alovera for night and the coffee and walnut for day , I’m 50 this yr and people are commenting how good I’m looking 🤗 thanks Zoe xxx


I brought the aloe & avacado moisturiser, initially it feels strange as in comparison to other creams as it is so thick & rich. Let me tell you I am blown away, I have been using it for just over a week as a night cream and my skins feels amazing when I wake up, so hydrated, nourished & a youthful dewiness to it which at 47 is a dream!!
I have been so impressed I have just brought the vege soufflé for daytime and the coffee & clay scrub, cannot wait to get them.

Eyelash Serum

I went through cancer treatment a few years ago and the side effects left my lashes very sparse & short.
I have only been using the serum a few weeks but already I’m seeing an improvement which I’m very pleased about & I’m able to apply mascara at long last 😊
Unfortunately my breast cancer has returned & I’ve to start treatment again 😭

Lip Balm

This lip balm is amazing! Use it morning and night when doing my skincare routine and now never have dry lips. Also a little bit goes a long way and when you open the packaging, see the swirl with the gold makes it looks as luxurious as it is! Definitely recommend!

Gold Cream - Best Hydrating Cream Ever!

I've have always struggled to with dry skin (foundation dry patches constantly) and have tried so many creams from £ to ££££ to get that "dewy look" and NOTHING has worked like the gold cream! This cream has left my face so hydrated and "dewy looking" that I barely ever wear foundation now.
Could not recommend Zoe Bee enough and this morning have received my second order of Amethyst Quartz as a night cream/Charcoal and Oats cream/Coffee and Clay scrub/Rose Quartz and ordered the Avocado and Aloe cream for my mum as I keep telling her how amazing these creams are!
Thanks to the Zoe Bee team as well for all your help with recommendation and quick responses.


This is hands down the best cream I’ve ever bought. In fact I can’t wait to wash my makeup off at the end of the day so I can put my cream on. It smells amazing and feels wonderful the next morning.
I have tried everything to help with my rosacea and this has been the only cream that has worked.
I am definitely going to try more from this brand 💖

Eyelash serum

I absolutely luv this.
Really makes my eyelashes more noticeable and without the hassle of black eyes at the end of a day
Definitely recommend this product

Absolutely charmed

Love these magickal creams I use the the rose quartz for a morning cream and the amethyst as my night my skin loves me for it so much more hydrated and glowing and help me manage my hormonal break outs and I don’t look so anaemic as I am lol xXx

A pot of creamy, nutty hydration!

I have been using the coffee & walnut cream for a few weeks now, and have noticed how less lined and beautifully hydrated/smooth my skin is, especially around the eyes. I also use this on my forehead which is particularly dry, and my elbows that are darkened and dry. All areas have improved noticeably. The smell is quite a strong, nutty, cacao and smokey fragrance, which actually makes me quite hungry and wanting chocolate ... last thing at night and first thing in the morning....erm? I only need a tiny amount to rub and melt in between my fingers then glide onto the skin. Will last some time. Thank you Zoe Bee.


I want to start by saying I read some reviews before buying this cream and saw someone say that this cream was too heavy or greasy so here is my honest review ....

If this cream is used correctly it is beautiful, and this may take a couple goes to get it right! You only need a small amount. You have to warm it up in your hands first and i’d recommend a patting motion when applying. The cream is thick, you don't want to drag it across your skin especially around the eye area where your skin is delicate! You need to wait 10 minutes after applying before going in with make up, you need to allow time for the cream to sink in. I found that using a more heavier foundation didn't work well for me (just my opinion) and, because this cream made my skin look and feel good, I found that a full coverage foundation wasn't even necessary. Just be wary of this if you are someone who likes full coverage, maybe build this up slowly and you might actually want to apply a bit less when you see the results. I am someone who basically collects make up and skin care. I have tried everything from charlotte tilbury to brands that are drugstore. This cream is a pot of luxury and I can achieve what I want with it for less price than some of the higher end brands. I have skin on the oilier side with a couple random patches of dryness and I was worried this cream would make me greasy but it doesn't because I know the correct way to use it. I have some creams I just slather on, with this you really need to apply the right amount or you’re really not going to get a good result.

Im excited to try more, Ive been using this cream and another one on my boyfriend who has acne scars and theres a big improvement, I also had a patch of irritated skin on my hand that I have had for months and after 3 days of applying a small amount at night before bed this has basically gone. I will share the end results on instagram.

Thank you Zoe for these products and for what you do for charity. Its so refreshing to see and I would love to see more products in the future so I can have a whole skincare range from you!! X x