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Pure Golden Jojoba oil

Water does not dissolve the natural oils or wastes coming from your pores. In science, “like dissolves like,” so oil is truly the only thing that will naturally dissolve oil!

The products we buy over the counter are usually loaded with harsh detergents that not only dissolve your oils/wastes, but also suck the living life out of your skin. The oil method is a lot gentler and equally as effective when it comes to cleansing. I use Jojoba oil as this oil is most similar to the skin's natural oils, so it's a lot lighter. Every evening, I massage my face with the oil for 2-3 minutes. I then rinse with a hot wet flannel and repeat the process. This is called double cleansing. After using the hot wet flannel, close pores with cold water. In the morning, I just spritz my face with rose water which I recommend below and simply reapply cream where needed. No need to wash it all off and start again. You can learn more about this in my skincare challenge. It's free and you will be surprised by the results xx

You can also try dry oil cleansing. This method works best for dry skin types. Massage oil into your dry skin for 2-3 minutes. Rather than rinse with water, instead gently wipe away the oil with a dry flannel. Repeat this process twice. Try both methods and see which one works best for you.

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Volcanic Clay Mix

Zoe's very own unique Volcanic clay mixture containing chocolate, 24k gold and banana has quickly growing to be one of the most popular products in the Zoe Bee Range. Enjoy a little #metime with the Volcanic Clay mix pulling the impurities from your skin and smelling like chocolate orange all while enjoying a soak in the bath. Please note: You may experience some redness or slightly hot skin after using the clay mask. This is a good sign! It had got your blood flowing and has been working it’s magic.

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Coffee & Clay Scrub

I like to use the exfoliating Coffee and Clay scrub twice a week. The molasses in the sugar are incredibly moisturising. The granules are not too harsh like store bought versions. The caffeine and jojoba oil is skin beautifying and reduces dark circles as it gets the blood flowing. This scrub also contains clay which draws out toxins. Check the Zoe Bee store to purchase a 200ml jar. This scrub can be used on both the face and the body. I recommend using it in the bath because once you get started, it can get quite messy. You can even leave on as a mask. Apply in small amounts to damp skin. Massage well, and leave on for up to ten minutes. This scrub smells amazing. We've been told it smells like Jaffa cakes, smarties, Christmas cake...try it and let me know what it reminds you of.

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Most traditional toners can dry out, strip and irritate your skin. I like to get back to basics and keep it simple. Rose water is created by using a thousand year old method of distilling rose petals with steam. I love using rose water because of how multi-talented it is. Along with being anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and reducing redness, it's also a natural antiseptic, contains powerful antioxidants and even enhances the mood. There are two ways to use Rose Water. Firstly, you can spray directly onto your face and wipe away any residue with a cotton pad before applying your moisturiser.

Secondly, you can spritz your face, wait a few minutes before applying your moisturiser and then continue to spritz throughout the day for added hydration and freshness.

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Night Cream

Every night, I use my favourite night cream, the Avocado and Aloe Cream, as an intense overnight treatment to work its magic while I sleep. The Avocado and Aloe has often been referred to as nature's Botox, and for good reason. The Aloe Vera increases collagen production, and is well known for firming and tightening skin. All the ingredients are known to help fight against wrinkles, dark circles, blemishes and scars. If you find you struggle with getting your beauty sleep, you can replace the Avocado and Aloe Cream for the Amethyst Quartz Cream. Click here to find out why this is a top pick for lovers of a good night's sleep.
Amethyst Quartz

Avocado and Aloe


Lastly, don't forget to apply your Zoe Bee Eyelash Serum overnight. It works by removing the build up and bacteria that's blocking the lash growth.
My daytime look is currently Rose Quartz Cream with some eyelash serum and that's all I need!

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