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More about this product

How it works:

Unlike other formulas, this eye cream doesn’t contain any water. While water-based creams make your skin feel moisturized at first, they end up drying out the delicate under-eye area.

Darkness under eyes is also a common problem. The skin itself is not darker, it has gotten thinner (due to ageing, environmental factors, lack of sleep, etc) and the tiny blood vessels underneath are now visible. The caffeine in the Coffee and Walnut Cream will constrict the blood vessels until they are less visible. Your face will glow and thrive.

Top Tip: Apply as a night cream to wake up looking refreshed. This cream can be used as just an eye cream or for an all over moisturiser. 

Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Perfect for adults and babies.

    • No Artificial Fragrance
    • No Synthetic Colours
    • Paraben Free
    • No Phthalates
    • Palm Oil Free
    • Alcohol Free
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Raw
    • Cruelty Free
    • One purchase = One tree planted 

Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii, Zinc, Coffea Arabica, Juglans Regia, Simmondsia Chinensis, Argania Spinosa, Calophyllum Inophyllum, Oenothera Biennis

This product helps with:



Soften Dry Skin

Reduce Eye Bags

Reduce Under Eye Darkness Firm Skin

Brighten Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews

I purchased the charcoal and oat, and coffee and walnut creams as a last resort for my psoriasis which has been the bane of my life. I have been using the charcoal and oat sparingly I might add, and I can't actually believe that it's cleared my flare up. It's nothing short of a miracle to be honest. I highly recommend these products and will definitely be using them again.

Coffee and walnut

Lovely cream, have been using around my eyes as they were quite dry and dark and my skin feels so much softer and less dark

Excellent support

After being recommended to this site by my daughter I placed my first order.  But after a month it hadn’t arrived - contacted them and they investigated immediately.  My package was somewhere out in Royal Mail land missing.   My order was immediately replaced and sent out signed for no messing no trouble.  Obviously I was upset that it would be me this happened to but they couldn’t have done any more to help me so I’m really pleased with that.  I’m currently trying 3 creams which I’m happy with and hoping to get a gold cream to try if I’m quick enough. Really pleased with the help I was given. 

Dream cream

I stumbled across Zoe Bee Beauty randomly and I'm soo glad I did !!! I purchased the coffee and walnut cream, coffee and clay scrub and lip balm.
The dark circles under my eye's are gradually disappearing daily!!! The scrub leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. The balm has brought colour and life back to my lips which looked pale before.
When I'm a bit more confident I will post before and after pics. 💜


I first ordered a small pot of avocado and aloe just to give it a try ! I used to work for one of the biggest cosmetic companies so do believe me when I say I’ve tried everything going and the most expensive does not necessarily mean it’s the best!!
I initially e mailed Zoe to ask which cream would benefit my skin as I’m nearly 52 so fine lines and firmness are my concerns !
Well what can I say I’m impressed the pot looked small when it came and I thought it would only last me a week! Well it may be small but you only need a pea sized amount and the pot though small is crammed full up to the top !!! It lasted me a whole month!!!! I started to notice a difference in my neck in about a week and my marionette lines look as if they have been filled ( I have had them filled in before but the cost and upkeep of fillers and Bottox when you start is never ending!!)
So on the nearest re stock day I ordered the big size AND a coffee and walnut scrub which also goes a long way and smells Divine !
The pot arrived and again it’s absolutely crammed full ! I’m really loving using it my skin looks plumped up and fresh and
I can honestly say I have (at last ) found a cream that actually does what it says and now itching to
Try more of Zoe’s creams on top of this one because I’m not about to stop using it !

Worth Every Penny

I’ve used Zoe’s products from day one and I can honestly say I’d never use anything else on my skin again ! They do exactly what they say on the tin ! Worth every penny amazing products xx 💛

Hard working coffee and walnut

Firstly the cream smells delicious!!! I bought it for dark circles under my eyes, but I read a review by someone who also uses it on their nails. I now do both and I have seen an improvement in my dark circles and nails. My nails are really weak but have started to grow and are much stronger. Give it a go you won’t be disappointed!

Coffee and walnut cream

Hi been using for a few weeks and can already see an improvement under the eyes, they look less puffy and black circles have lightened. Thank you

A happy husband

I bought the coffee and walnut cream for my husband who is really fussy about eye creams and usually only uses one brand as they irritate his eyes and was amazed when he asked me to order him another jar. Ive been using it myself around my eyes, a little goes a long way i warm it between my fingers and massage around my eyes. I can really fell the difference, my skin is really smooth and soft. Would definitely buy again you can feel and see the difference the creams make. I also have the veggie souffle and the green cream. Imreally into skincare and these creams do not disappoint.

Love it

Love this product my under eyes are no longer red and dry.

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