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Zoe Bee Pure Jojoba Oil

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More about this product

The journey to skin confidence begins with forming better skincare habits. As an integral component of the Beetox Box, this pure Jojoba oil plays a huge part in hydrating the skin, preparing it for all the skin loving goodness of a Zoe Bee moisturiser. This oil is the most similar to your skins natural oils allowing it to lock in the moisture lost on dry skin. 

Used twice a day, this 30ml bottle should last approximately 3 months

Customer Reviews

Based on 193 reviews
Bernadette Small
Best creams ever!

I have got this for the first time and skin feels amazing, i use the botox cream which i couldnt live without and the coffee and walnut for under eyes


Brilliant oil, I use to cleanse every day

Melonie Debenham
Love it!

A friend recommended Zoe Bee products, and I have to say they are the very best I’ve ever used! I use the Gold Cream and the Avocado & Aloe and I will say there’s something special about both!!

Jojoba Oil

This is such a lovely oil to use to double cleanse each night! I wasn’t quite convinced of double cleansing, however, it definitely has made a difference to my skin! Wouldn’t go use anything else now!

Suzanna Meek
Finally I’ve found a cream!

Finally I have found peoducts that I’m not allergic to! I havethe jojoba oil, charcoal cream and the avocado one and all are fine for me. They leave my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I have been only using Nivea for a long time as I have come out a swollen, itchy mess when I’ve tried others and I was fed up of wasting money. I took a leap of faith and tried Zoe’s creams and I’m so happy I did! They smell fabulous too. Even the eyelash serum is great for me! Thank you Zoe!

Katie Frater

I’ve been using this oil to double cleanse every evening, my face feels so smooth and clean. On a morning, it looks so hydrated and this is only after a week!

JoJo oil

I absolutely love this for cleansing. My ski. Feels amazing after. My only problem is my daughter is now using it so will have to get one for her 😂

Marion Singleton

It’s like silk, I use this on top of the avocado & Aloe cream at night. Just hard trying to order as all go out of stock fast, shows how good the products are.

Kathryn Smalley
Lovely oil

Bought this to help my aging complexion wow the difference it’s made in 3 weeks is amazing my skin feels so much healthier and brighter thank you Zoe


I absolutely love this oil for cleansing my face! My skin feels so soft and moisturised!
I started off with the veggie soufflé and coffee/clay scrub, next up I got the jojoba oil and lip butter, I am now waiting for the coffee and walnut cream and charcoal and oat cream to arrive. Everything feels so luxurious and soothing!

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