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The Queen Bee

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The queen of creams has arrived! 

With an ever-growing body of research demonstrating the benefits of stem cells in skincare, the Queen Bee Cream is the first Zoe Bee cream to harness their incredible power. Combining stem cells (derived from apples) with carefully selected ingredients, we believe the Queen Bee Cream is the most effective anti-ageing body butter ever created!

Stem cells are produced naturally by our bodies to repair skin damage, but research suggests that as we grow older our bodies struggle to produce enough of them to keep up, and this is one of the principle causes of the signs of ageing. Supplementing our skin care regime with stem cells has been shown to provide a boost to our skin’s ability to protect and repair itself and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Blended into our shea butter base and combined with ingredients rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients such as agave nectar, cocoa butter, banana peel and rose petals, the Queen Bee Cream forms a barrier over your skin; protecting it from the environment while deeply nourishing from within. Just what your skin needs to keep itself looking young and healthy.

We can’t wait for you to experience the power of stem cells!

150ml Jar 


Butyrospermum Parkii, Cacao, Simmondsia Chinensis, Agave Tequilana, Malus Domestica, Musa Paradisica, Maranta arundinacea, Rosa Centrifolia, Citrus Aurantium, Zinc Oxide, Zea Mays, Ascorbic acid.


Disclaimer: Due to being a natural product the colour, scent and texture may vary.

This product helps with:

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Michelle Mcgrotty
The Queen Bee Cream

Best cream I have ever bought for my face , I have had so many compliments about how glowing my skin looks , highly recommended !

Iliyana Edwards
The best skin products I’ve ever had!

Zoe Bee Beauty was recommended to me by a colleague. I’ve tried the gift set and ended up buying almost everything from the catalog. Highly recommended 👌

Queen Bee 🐝

First time trying the new cream. Very soft texture and smells beautiful. I usually use the the gold cream for day time...which I love. Queen Bee Cream is great for me under makeup or on it's own. I would buy again and definitely recommend it.

Alexandra Richardson

Love it

Natalie Pace
Great products

Love these creams . Quite addictive ! Think I’ve got the whole set now .
My skin feels so soft and I’ve gone make up free.

Gemma H
The Queen Bee Glow! 🤩

Firstly, the texture of this cream is amazing! You can definitely tell it’s more of a body butter, comes in a super large jar which I’ve used on my whole body more than 20 times & it’s only just started to make a noticeable dent in the top. A little really does go a long way 😍 It’s smells delicious and leaves my skin super soft with a natural glow . I really wouldn’t be without this cream now, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how my skin looks & feels . The Queen Bee has changed my bath times for the better, super happy 🌟

Jayne Mudge

One of the nicest creams I have ever used super moisturising and very comfortable
Thank you for making such luscious creams

Monica Ilas
Hi quality creams made with love

I am using Zoe Bee creams for over a year now and I've never looked back. I am touching forty now and my skin looks so much younger and healthier. I try to stick to healthcare routine as much as possible and it has done wonders to my skin. Love them! My fav so far is Green cream and Oatmeal and charcoal, but all are fantastic.

Love this

Bought this not really expecting much and as it’s expensive thought I’d buy it the once and never again, however I find it very moisturising for my body. I also use it as a night time eye cream. The only downside for me is that I seem to be getting through it too quickly but I have been using the jar for 4 weeks now and still have some left.

Clare Wright

A lovely light, delightfully creamy decadent pot of cream. It has a wonderful fragrance. I would definitely recommend.

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